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Science Fair - Middle & High School

Apr 19 Thu
Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 08:00
Reception Room

The science fair is a valuable experience for students across our Middle School and High School. Here are some of the goals and objectives that we expect our students to achieve:

1.  To stimulate interest, curiosity, and desire to explore the mysteries of the world.

2.  To learn, understand, and apply the scientific method.

3.  To provide real experiences and methods by which all scientific knowledge has been and is still being gathered.

4.  To help develop skills in communicating both verbally and in writing.

5.  To help develop skills of interpretation and analysis of data.

6.  To learn how to complete long range projects.

7.  To acquire skills of research using a variety of resources such as the Internet, interviews, books, magazines, etc.

8.  To show a connection between what is learned in the class and what happens in real life.

9.  To promote unique opportunities for us (teachers) to work individually with you (the student) in an interdisciplinary project.