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We believe in all of our students! We believe in discovering and celebrating the gifts that each of them possess. It is our joy to watch them grow, discover, succeed and learn.  As we sought to choose our theme for the 2016-2017 school year, we wanted to embody our philosophy, our mission and vision as well as the international spirit. As such, we have chosen “Building the future, one citizen at a time”. We wish to convey our focus on technology, academics and character building for each grade level and student here at Modern American School, while at the same time, guide our work and unite us as a staff.


We believe that all students should be challenged to develop to their fullest potential and pursue excellence in all aspects of their lives including a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, respect for self and others. We strive to develop each student into an outstanding adult, with all the knowledge and technical abilities to pursue future educational goals and life-long learning. As our students will seek careers and influence from every corner of the world, Modern American School is a steward for high academic achievement intertwined with international unity and life skills that will serve them while in school and beyond. Our students feel a sense of place as well as pride in knowing they are being provided with all the elements of excellence which will carry them anywhere that they wish to go.


From Kindergarten to High School and beyond, our present and future graduates are shaped through an American curriculum, a national culture and the recognition that their generations will have virtually no limits to their achievements. We look to them as our future and to being well-rounded, well-educated, enlightened and responsible citizens of the world.


Dr. Andie Webb,
Deputy School Director
Modern American School