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Authorized school to implement the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and accredited by COGNIA for Schools (AdvancED)

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  • About MAS

    About MAS

    We are proud of our strong tradition of academic excellence.
  • Admissions / Fees


    Interested in enrolling your child at the Modern American School? In this section, we provide you with everything you need to know regarding the enrollment process.
  • Academics


    Academics are our top priority. Learn more about our curriculum, courses and prerequisites, and programs that make an MAS education your passport to the world.
  • School Divisions

    School Divisions

    We cater to students from ages 3 – 18. Learn more about the four divisions that make up the Modern American School and what makes each a special place to learn and grow.
  • Student Life

    Student Life

    Our school philosophy takes a holistic approach to education that also emphasizes the social and cultural development of every child. Learn more about our extra-curricular programming here.
  • News & Events

    News & Events

    Check out what is going on at MAS and learn more about upcoming events taking place at MAS and other announcements we have for you. Check out our annual calendar to stay informed with other school related events.
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    Alumni involvement is vital in shaping our Mission at MAS. Learn more about how you can be involved, school reunions, and Alumni Association programming we have for you.
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    Our coaches, players and parent spectators all place great value in sports and good sportsmanship. Learn more about athletic programs and other school activities at MAS.
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We would like to extend a warm welcome to the Modern American School, website viewers. MAS is a private, co-educational day school for students aged 3-18. Our school is located in one of the most affluent areas of Amman, Jordan.

Prospective Students

MAS’s adoption of the internationally recognized American curriculum ensures our students a smooth transition within the American and international school community, and provides them with all of the necessary tools to achieve excellence in grade school through the university level.

Our school’s diverse atmosphere creates a space for our students to develop their characters in an international educational setting. MAS prides itself on instilling the importance of growing to recognize oneself as a global citizen of the world, while also emphasizing the cultural and traditional values that identify each student and bond them with their heritage.

We cater to the individual needs of all students in our multicultural MAS family. Students enter the Modern American School with a variety of different skills given our international school’s culture. We offer specialized language programs such as English as a Second Language (ESL), Arabic as a Second Language (ASL), French Studies courses, and Advanced Placement courses in languages. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of other Advanced Placement courses in core subjects at the high school level as it is in line with our American curriculum. Our students prepare for the SAT I and SAT II exams.  As a college preparatory school all our graduates leave MAS to enter some of the most selective universities worldwide.

The diversity that you find amongst our student body and staff has such a positive impact on all persons in our MAS family. The opportunity to meet, work with, and befriend other students, teachers, and administrators from all corners of the globe really opens up the possibility for our students to learn to peacefully coexist with their counterparts as an extra added benefit for their futures.

What Makes MAS Special?

community engagement

Every single plan, activity, and choice made within our workplace stems from the essential question: "What is best for our students?" We aim to equip our school in to cater toward the diverse and multicultural student body at MAS.


Experience and Reliability

MAS has been providing a quality education for students in Jordan since 1986. Our staff of local and international teachers in tandem with our focus on strong academics is our signature of comprehensive and globalized education.

Programs to Suit You

Programs to Suit You

By following the American curriculum program, we ensure that international students can easily transition inside and outside of Jordan to any American school within the world-wide network.

We Care for you

We Care for you

The focus of every administrator and educator at MAS is the student. Each child is seen as an individual with his/her own needs and specialized attention.


Integrating Digital Technology into the Learning Process

MAS keeps abreast with the latest technology world-wide. In each of our classrooms, there is an Interactive Promethean Board with which our teachers have extensive training. Additionally, from KG through 6th grade, students use iPads in the classroom, and from grades 7-12, laptops are utilized. These resources help enhance the classroom experience, and help diversify the learning process in order to cater to our individual student needs. Students in grades K-12 access their online e-Books which provide an extra educational tool for reviewing and studying outside of the classroom.

Students from all over the World come to study at MAS

Courses & Descriptions

As our students enroll from schools world-wide, an international atmosphere is ever present. This allows them to expand their social networks and strengthen their chances at success.

Where Our Students Matriculate

Professional Teachers and Staff

Our dedicated and experienced staff is committed to helping and inspiring students. They are the reason for our long-standing reputation for professionalism and care in all areas of our work. Staff from countries such as the USA, Canada, and the UK (amongst others) enriches the educational experience and ensures an international atmosphere while promoting cross-cultural understanding.


Excellent Resources and Facilities

MAS is located in one of the most affluent areas of Amman. It encompasses a 400-seat auditorium, a gymnasium in both buildings, fully-equipped science labs, libraries, and five computer labs, which include unlimited usage and WiFi internet access. On campus there is also a medical center and dental clinic with a permanent resident doctor and dentist on duty at all times, free of charge.

ACT Program

Continuous Improvement

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our programs and to keep our focus on your child’s needs. Feedback from parents and students is an important part of this work. We are always encouraging stakeholders to get involved as evident through our open door policy.

The Whole Experience

Student Debate League

In addition to a rigorous academic curriculum which comprehensively prepares students for university, students experience enjoyable and productive classes, combined with sports, explorations, and excursion, allowing them to make new friends. Our exciting programs of curricular and extra-curricular activities encourage our students to get the most out of their time with us.

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