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Middle School Principal's Message

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Dear MAS Middle School Students and Parents,
Welcome to our schools home on the web! The great American educator, John Dewey, stated that “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”
I am delighted to be a part of that life here at MAS. Our vision is to nurture lifelong learners, and to that end, the middle school faculty and staff are dedicated to providing the academic and emotional support for our students to reach their full potential for success.
MAS is focused on providing a challenging academic environment as a university preparatory school, but more than that, we educate our students to be responsible, global citizens and leaders for positive change.  To that end, we are offering a solid program of academic studies based on American curricular standards such as the Common Core. Along with academics, there is a rich extra-curricular environment that includes a robotics club; science fair; an IT/media day; various mathematics competitions; and many other athletic, artistic/cultural, and social activities. This is our life here.
We encourage and welcome your participation with what we do. Ongoing parental involvement and support is critical for our success and your child’s achievement. 
The best part of my day is getting to know your children and helping them to grow and develop into the adults they want to become and we can be proud to know. For 37 years, this has been my life. I look forward to meeting you as part of the MAS family of learners.
Jeffery Pugh,
Middle School Principal
Modern American School