ACT Program


Authorized school to implement the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and accredited by COGNIA for Schools (AdvancED)

ACT Program

What is ACT?  

ACT (Action, Creativity, and Togetherness) is a community service and extracurricular activities program at the Modern American. It promotes the development of engaged international citizenship by supporting student services and philanthropic missions internationally in addition to connecting students to their local communities.  ACT consists of three focuses: Action, Creativity, Togetherness, and completion of the program is mandatory for every high school student. That requires every High School student to participate and complete at least 15 hours of community service per year, and a minimum of 60 hours to graduate. This includes both on-campus and off-campus activities. 

ACT Program

Objectives of the ACT Program

  • To enhance student contribution towards local & global communities.
  • To promote a sense of multiculturalism, internationalism,  and school spirit at MAS.
  • To build leadership and awareness of global issues.
  • To provide students with support for their future academic & professional careers.

ACT Activities for All Interests

The ACT program includes, but not limited to Student Council activities, Model United Nations, charity drives & community support, Habitat for Humanity, MAS Newsletter, Science Fair, special events, such as International Child Day, Marathon, Senior Citizen Day …etc.) The three focuses of ACT: Action, Creativity and Togetherness aim to promote community support and engagement, leadership development, and school spirit. 

Selection Criteria

There is an activity for every student but some have activities certain criteria:

  • Some activities require a 3.0 GPA minimum (Student Council, MUN, Debate Club)
  • Special teacher recommendations.
  • A qualifying essay that is reviewed.
  • Good behavioral standing with the school.
  • Approval of specific committees for student applications.

ACT Certificates

The Modern American School honors its graduating seniors who exemplify leadership and service through participation in the community activities by issuing them appreciation certificates that state the number of community service hours that the student has served during his/her senior years. This certificate and its recipient will be prominently recognized and favored by international universities and colleges since it shows the student’s volunteerism and commitment to community.

1. Action (Community Support and Engagement)

  • Charity Drives: ex. Winter/Blanket Drive, Food Drive.
  • Bread for Life sustainability campaign.
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Senior Citizen’s Day
  • Ramadan Activities: Iftar with the orphans, food distributions, money distribution
  • Fundraising Activities: ex. Cancer Marathon/Awareness Day
  • Holiday activities: Gift campaigns, Christmas Choir

2. Creativity (Leadership Development)

  • Jordan Debate League
  • Model United Nations
  • Science Fair/Science Club
  • MAS Times: Newsletter
  • Poetry Café
  • Math Activities/Pie Day
  • French Club
  • Photography Club
  • Drama Club/Art Exhibit
  • IT Media Day

3. Togetherness (School Spirit)

  • Special Events: Mother’s Day, Valentine's Day, International Women’s Day, Earth Day, Pie Day (Math Day), Halloween, Spring Fling.
  • International Child Day.
  • Student Council.
  • Camping and Exploration.
  • Thanksgiving Day Activities.
  • P.E. Activities: Little League, MAS sports Teams.
  • Ushering for school events.
  • Senior Students Special Events: Parent’s Dinner, Senior Trip.
  • Quiz Night.
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