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With the increasing globalization of the modern world, the importance of international connectedness becomes even more crucial. That is why we at MAS believe that world travel is imperative for the growth and prosperity of our students. We realize that our students are very diverse in their talents and interests, and therefore we offer a variety of opportunities for students to travel abroad and learn about different cultures, languages, and engage other international students academically and socially.

At the Modern American School, language teachers are aware that immersion in a new language is the fastest path to language acquisition. The easiest way to gain an immersion experience is through travel. Trips to France and various cities in the United States allow students to immerse themselves in different language cultures.  Additionally, we offer a variety of opportunities for our students to see the world while also taking part in a sport, such as soccer or winter sports.

Listed below the travel abroad opportunities offered at MAS:


Destination Purpose
United States 

Model United Nations, College Campus Visits, Academic Programs


French Language
Turkey Space/Science Camp
Switzerland Skiing/Winter Sports
Greece/Spain Soccer
Austria International Robotics Competition 
Italy Soccer Training Camp
Cyprus Soccer Training Camp
Saudi Arabia 





Academic Decathlons