High School Principal's Message


Authorized school to implement the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and accredited by COGNIA for Schools (AdvancED)

High School Principal's Message

Dear MAS Students and Parents, 

As a returning member of the Modern American School (MAS) family, allow me to extend my warmest greetings and kindest regards to all and welcome to the MAS home on the web. I personally feel blissful and fortunate to be part of this caring and competent team, which I trust can make a difference.

We at MAS believe that a school should be led by a set of shared beliefs; Education is a covenant between educator and the community it serves. We are therefore very proud of the relationship we have with our community and the individualized education that we are able to provide our students. Our Vision and Mission is to situate our students in the center of learning. Accordingly, all contemporary teaching strategies, including differentiated instruction, are adopted to meet the unique needs and abilities of all our students. 

The Industrial Age of education has ended and we are entering an Age of Ideas and Creativity, an age where individual and shared talent will be the most important assets. Schools, as Tom Peter says in his book ‘Re-Imagine,’ “are a thinly disguised conspiracy to quash creativity.’” “Talent”, he says, “is everything. And the production of talent is significantly dependent on schools.” We at MAS understand the Multiple Intelligence concept and the challenge of meeting our students’ individual intelligences. Every child learns differently and every student’s talent will be realized and nurtured.

In addition to academic prowess, the MAS High School emphasizes the significance of values and behaviors that are respectful of each other, other cultures, and our environment. Our school fully believes in the importance of valuing the democratic virtues that contribute to the common good of all people and cultures. We believe that to be able to mold and shape our students to be global citizens, they should be able to have a voice and be part of this changing educational trend.

Students are born with a powerful desire to learn. Everything we do as parents and teachers must ensure that this powerful desire is kept alive. We at MAS are eager to ensure the best and most memorable experience for every child. The tools our students receive allow them to become the best versions of themselves and valuable world citizens. 

Blake Rodabaugh, 

High School Principal 

Modern American School

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