Word From General Director

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Authorized school to implement the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and accredited by COGNIA for Schools (AdvancED)

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Dear Prospective Students and Parents,

On the behalf of our students, teachers, and administrators, I would like to welcome you to the MAS website. As the landscape of both education and the world is changing rapidly, so are the demands that our students will face in preparing for college and life beyond. Modern American School is keeping pace with this change with our expanding state-of-the-art campus, evolving technology, and provision of differentiated instruction that both supports and challenges each student based on their individual needs. Our well-trained and passionate educators have designed programs that teach through the processes of inquiry, discussion, decision-making, and reflection, and our classes are kept small so that instruction can be very student-centered.

Through the use of iPads and eBooks, students have access to a mobile environment that keeps assistive technology and research tools at their fingertips.  Every classroom is equipped with a Smart Board, making multi-modal and interactive teaching a mainstay. This blended instruction makes us unique, while also giving us the opportunity to foster a love of life-long learning with a sense of global responsibility. Our students are able to see themselves and the world around them as one.

Along with our academic accomplishments, we take great pride in the many activities and extracurricular programs that are offered to our students. MAS Model United Nations (MUN) is a key component in teaching our students the art of diplomacy and learning. Our MUN students have visited many places outside of Jordan, have participated in meetings, and have had the opportunity to share valuable global information. They have discovered that hard work and strong character traits are the keys to being a global leader.

Modern American School is accredited by AdvancED, a prestigious, international board of education. Every five years, an external team uses international criteria to review our academic, student enrichment, and governance programs. Their assessment ensures that we maintain the most update, pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning, as well as a connection to the network of international schools worldwide. We are proud of the work we have done and the success that has been built over the years. We attribute our achievements to knowledgeable staff, meticulous administration, and a very dedicated support team.

Our family takes great pride in providing the children of Amman with strong academics, a loving and safe environment, and the opportunity to excel in life. We believe every child deserves a superior education.

Ms. Omaya Zamel - General Director

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