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National Honor Society


MAS National Honor Society Chapter

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's leading organization in the world of academia established to recognize outstanding high school students. Since 1921, NHS has been preparing high school students for their lives after graduation. The organization's four key principles of scholarship, service, leadership and character are powerful traits to develop in any field; these principles are especially important for the purposes of college admission. NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in these principles. The Four Pillars of the NHS are as follows: 


One of the most well-known reasons to join the National Honor Society is the scholarship opportunities that are available through it. In the highly competitive field of college scholarships, affiliation with a group such as the National Honor Society can be the tipping point to receiving a greater number of awards.

Community Service & Social Engagement

NHS allows students to explore their interests and engage in community service during the course of their school day. Whether they are helping in charitable drives or helping out at an organization, many students find the NHS a great way to give back to their communities.

Leadership Development

Upon joining the NHS, a wealth of additional options open up to develop leadership potential as students learn methods to create positive change within their schools.

Character Development

National Honor Society members can see the effects of their activities firsthand. Through showing students directly the impact that their deeds can have towards shaping their environment, NHS members have the opportunity to see the lasting consequences of their actions as well as to develop a lasting sense of personal integrity that is frequently unique among their peers.

How National Honor Society Benefits MAS Students

College Admission & Planning

The competitive environment for college admission can be especially overwhelming. Moreover, the cost of higher education continues to skyrocket. This is why the National Honor Society has partnered with those who are truly “in the know” to help students and parents navigate this often complex process.

Scholarship Search

This college scholarship and financial aid search function has been customized for Honor Society members and their families who have a powerful tool to access opportunities to significantly offset the cost of higher education pursuits. This search engine has thousands of scholarship opportunities for NHS members to research based on the four pillars of Honor Society—scholarship, service, leadership, and character—as well as other areas of interest. Students will be able to log in to access this search tool on

Leadership Development

NHS offers exclusive opportunities for members to develop their leadership proficiency.
National Student Leadership Week, an annual celebration of student leadership led by the school and chapter.
Leadership Experience and Development (LEAD) conferences, weekend meetings designed to encourage peer-to-peer networking and leadership training. Such meetings and conferences offer opportunities to cultivate leadership and student empowerment

Prestige & Credibility

Joining the NHS means becoming a part of “the nation’s premier organizations established to recognize outstanding high school and middle level students.” This allows students to list membership in the NHS on college applications and resumes and convey their dedication, talents, and energy.

How Can a Student Become a Member?

A student must be enrolled at MAS and needs an outstanding academic record of 3.8 GPA or higher as well as endorsement from at least 2 teachers and their academic advisor. Once that’s achieved, the student is then nominated for membership with MAS chapter of National Honor Society. The student must be in grades 10–12 to meet the school’s eligibility requirements to join. The school’s chapter adviser can then explain the process and the student is invited to a special induction ceremony held once a year at MAS. Once selected for membership, all candidates and their parents must sign a contract stating that they accept and will maintain the standards of NHS in all 4 areas-academics, character, leadership, and service.

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