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As an alumna/alumnus of MAS, you have experienced first-hand all that our wonderful school has to offer. Whether you were a member of the class of 1986 or 2014, you have been a part of a strong tradition of excellence.

A MAS graduate does not fit into a specific mold. Our alumni can be found in various roles throughout the country and the world. We pride ourselves on the success of our alumni and aim to remain in close contact with all former MAS students.

In order to maintain contact with former students long after they have left the halls of our schools, we offer several opportunities for alumni to stay involved in what’s going on at the Modern American School, including our state-of-the art website, mailing list, and annual MAS Alumni Reunion.

We invite all members of the MAS alumni to pass along their advice and experience to current students aspiring to pursue similar paths. We gladly accept all feedback and input from former students and also strongly encourage local alumna/alumnus of MAS to participate in events going on at the school.