Authorized school to implement the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and accredited by COGNIA for Schools (AdvancED)

Mun Jerad


What is MAS-MUN?

MASMUN is the Model United Nations club at Modern American School, and  is a part of the greater international network of high school MUN clubs across the globe. In MASMUN, students take part in tackling world issues alongside their peers both at MAS and internationally. It is a chance for our students to break out into the greater world stage as global thinkers and exceptional leaders. MUN candidates are chosen from a select group of students that have proven themselves to belong to the most elite our school has to offer.

In MUN, students will be given an opportunity to participate in several conferences around Jordan as well as a conference in the United States (a rare opportunity only offered through MAS). They will be taught how to debate effectively, formulate complex and creative resolutions to world issues, speak in front of a large audience, and  communicate persuasively. Our goal is to groom world leaders through MUN.

How does it work?

MUN is a student organized and student run simulation of how the UN (United Nations) operates. Students will be assigned topics and countries to study before conferences and their goals are to gain an intimate knowledge of the international issues at hand, their country’s foreign policies, as well as their country’s stance on the particular issues. Students will then attempt to produce resolutions for those issues after debating in designated committees.

These conferences are usually divided into three days - “Lobbying & Merging” (1st Day), debates and dialogue (2nd Day), and closing arguments & resolution (3rd Day). During the first day, student delegates form groups with ‘allied nations’ and attempt to form resolutions within their respective groups. This first day encourages students to learn how to work in diverse group environments and tests students to apply their training and research in real life situations.

The second and third days are comprised of debates aimed at settling on a resolution that the delegates will all agree to enact. These debates are the grand stages upon which our students shine. Within an organized and structured setting, students employ their knowledge and rhetoric in attempts to persuade other delegates into enacting their resolution over others. After each round of debates, delegates vote upon which resolutions pass or fail.

The MUN conferences are the testing grounds for our students to hone their skills as critical thinkers and to prove themselves as world leaders as they conduct themselves in a professional manner while interacting with others in diverse group environments. MUN is the ideal setting in which students who are striving for excellence can challenge one another and be nurtured into the future leaders of tomorrow.

What happens at the conference?

After delegates (students) have successfully researched their topics and country they will ready to participate in conferences. The conference will be divided into three days, “Lobbying and Merging” on the first day, and debate on the last two days. During “Lobbying and Merging” delegates will form groups with their allies, and begin to create resolutions with their group to topics/issues given beforehand. Delegates will often have to interact and work with new individuals, which will help strengthen delegate’s social skills. After delegates have formed their groups and created their resolutions, they would have completed day one of the conference, and will get ready for the debate.

Debates are where delegates will have an opportunity to shine. Delegates will get to debate and discuss resolutions with other delegates in an organized and professional manner. Delegates will debate by having speakers up at a podium as other delegates ask them questions about their views and resolutions. There will be a debate for all resolutions turned in, and each debate will end with the delegates voting to pass or fail a resolution. There will be many coffee breaks and a lunch break for each day of debate, as to ensure that delegates aren’t overworked and that the debates are lively and enjoyable.

MUN will not only train good students to be great leaders, but also help them develop into mature, and professional adults, who will be ready to tackle the challenges of the real world. We look forward to working with our students to become well-informed and active global citizens, in our school, local community, and the world in which they live.

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