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Anti-Bullying & Awareness Week a Huge Success!

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Modern American School - Awareness Anti-Bullying Campaign

To reinforce the concept of a safe learning environment, the Counseling Department at the Modern American School launched an Anti-Bullying Campaign on Monday, October 1st   to raise awareness to the subject and to train students how to deal with bullying situations. The overall goal is to inspire others as a society to choose respect and peace over bullying behavior.  The campaign included purposeful activities, such as integrating the subject of bullying within the classrooms in coordination with the various departments in the school. additionally, student’s crafted persuasive writing essays about bullying, had group discussions and attended seminars, drew up posters, and sketches. Our students in coordination with our counselors also conducted purposeful presentations and lectures about bullying. Additionally, student wore a custom made blue t-shirt with anti-bullying slogans on them to show our solidarity together in alignment with other schools around the world.  We are committed to making our school a comfortable and safe environment for every student and making sure that everyone understands the dangers of bullying.