Class of 2015 Secures Admission to Yale, MIT, and Other Top Universities, with over 1.9 Million Dollars in Merit-Based Scholarships

Modern American School

The Modern American School is proud to send off its most successful graduating class yet into the world of higher education. This year, our graduating seniors have worked tirelessly with their academic advisors in order to secure their highly ambitious goals. Throughout the years, these students have thrived, achieving great feats of intelligence, ingenuity, and social awareness. With the help of their MAS mentors, who spent the last few years continuously guiding and focusing their aspirations of higher education, our students have been placed in the Universities that best suit their ambitions, and have been recognized and rewarded for their many strengths. Our students have been admitted to some of the most selective schools in the world, including MIT, Yale, and Brown. Further yet, they have earned over 1.9 million dollars in merit-based scholarships.


The Modern American School is very proud of our graduating class. Many of our graduating seniors learned their ABC’s with us at the tender age of 4. We have been with them for the majority of their lives, teaching, guiding, and pushing them to reach their true potential, and now it is time to say goodbye. While we shall miss their smiling faces in our hallways, we will also join with them to celebrate their great successes and bright, boundless futures. Graduating class of 2015, your MAS family wishes you the best that life has to offer you. We hope that you will come back and visit us again soon.



Below is an abbreviated list of Universities into which our seniors were admitted:


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) - Sally Beiruti

Yale University (USA) - Marah Maayah

University of California Berkeley (USA) - Hadeel Dweik

Boston University (USA) - Dania Abu-Hussein

Bentley University (USA) - Eduardo Garcia Uriarte

University of Toronto (Canada) - Laith Wazani, Hamza Herzalla

Hofstra University (USA) – Ali Kanan

Bates College (USA) – Humam –Al Rubaie

University College London (UK) - Fady Hanna Mekha

King’s College London (UK) - Yasmine Al-Damirji, Zaid Al-Natour

Brown University (USA) – Dania Abu Hussein

University of California Davis (USA) - Hadeel Dweik, Omar Asad

University of Melbourne (Australia) - Youseph Ibrahim

University of California San Diego (USA) - Omar Asad

University of Manchester (UK) - Izzeideen Jaber

Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) - Sally Beiruti

Rutgers University (USA) - Lana Ghneim

Baylor University (USA) - Hasan Sandoqa

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