Election Results Are in! New Student Council 2016 Takes Over

Modern American School

Congratulations to all new members! This has been an exciting campaign. MAS Student Council is a great opportunity for the students to display their leadership qualities, exercise their civic rights, and offer their services to the school and outside community. Mr. Mamoun Qawasmi, Student Council Advisor, encouraged students who met the criteria to take part in the election. Grade 12 students were more thrilled and enthusiastic to take part as it’s their last year at MAS, and they wanted to make their final school year more memorable.

In keeping with the values of service and engagement, Student Council organizes a plethora of  activities , such as visiting homes for the elderly places, a Halloween party, International Child Day, Bread for Life, Mother’s Day, Habitat for Humanity, charity drives  and many more.

High School and Middle School candidates gave their speeches before students assuring they would fulfill their campaign if elected. Election fever gripped the school as eye catching slogans, posters, and flyers were put up on the walls of MAS. Candidates also distributed sweets, stickers, and badges on the voting days. Election Boxes were passed out to each and every class. Students voted for their favorite candidates, hoping for a successful year. MAS was filled with enthusiasm and excitement throughout the elections process.

Results were announced immediately after the 'Eid holidays and we would like to congratulate Mohmmed Saedi for winning the title of Student Council President.

Shazya Ali, 

MAs TImes Contributing Author

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