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High Achieving Students Honored at Special Ceremony Celebrating their Success

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Modern American School - Honor Roll 2019

We, at the Modern American School , believe that the recognition of our students’ efforts is highly valued among high achievers. This why we adopt a recognition program that aims to develop an increased level of self-confidence, a sense of accomplishment and respect among students. Such a feeling of accomplishment may carry forward throughout their lives and ultimately improve our world as a whole.

Our Students may be recognized for a number of accomplishments, including improved academic standing, a demonstration of their love of learning, or because they have shown exemplary attitude and behavior. MAS administrative team finds great pride in discovering the numerous ways students should be recognized.

The Honor Roll Ceremony is one of the meaningful occasions that we annually hold to reward our students for their efforts and achievements. On March 3, 2019, we celebrated the success of our outstanding students during the 2018-2019 Honor Roll Ceremony.