MAS Hosts the American University Roadshow with Over 36 Colleges and Universities Attending

Modern American School

MAS isn’t one of the best schools in Jordan just because of its challenging  curriculum, diverse staff and engaging learning environment; what makes MAS really stand out among all the other schools is its investment in its students’ futures. From the first day you step in high school, the College Counseling Department’s main purpose is to set plans and goals for your future studies. MAS makes sure that its students get a plethora of opportunities to find their dream college or university starting from grade nine. One of these opportunities arose on October 12th when MAS hosted a massive college fair for 36 universities, most of which were located in United States. As freshmen, this was my first time to really be able to talk to university/ college representatives, and it was truly a very enlightening experience. In engaging with university representatives, I really got an idea of what universities and colleges are looking for in incoming freshmen. It gave me a perspective of what the future holds, how life on campus is, and all the fun things you can do in addition to your studies. Being able to see what each educational institution offers, you got a glimpse of what you might look for in a college/university. There were several students that actually found places that they truly liked and wanted to study at. While for the others, it gave them an idea of what awaits them after they graduate. A big thanks to the MAS Counseling Department for this opportunity; we hope to have many more like it in the future.


Maria B. Delcheva

Grade 9

MAS News Contributing Writer


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