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On Sunday, 25th of January, our MUN team departed from New York City back to Amman after attending Yale University’s annual Model United Nations conference. They returned full of joy and excitement after being involved in “an unforgettable experience”, as described by one of our team members. Our team spent one whole week filled with interactive, multicultural, and educational experiences that taught the students a great deal about diplomacy works and how the United Nations functions. They also had the opportunity to interact and meet people from different nationalities and schools where they expanded their cultural horizons. Attending international MUN conferences in various countries can help you expand your understanding of culture and people that will help you in your every day life as well.


To begin with, one of the most important points of attending intercontinental Model United Nations conferences is the communication challenge that presents opportunities for a more profound understanding of the world. Many delegates encounter trouble with communication and vocabulary, which is crucial for meetings. Without being aware of it, each delegate strengthens his/her understanding, and develops a better relationship in and out of committee. Another essential key point is the cultural idiosyncrasy that many fall into. Attending international conferences provides a deeper and more powerful analysis of how several cultures and nation states mirror their view on international issues. Last but not least, exposure of this nature through conferences goes a long way in dispelling stereotypes and preconceived notions.


Model United Nations conferences are not just an excuse to travel abroad and miss a week of school. Apart from the benefits of attending an MUN conference is the opportunity to university campus visit! This is in fact the key to finding the right college for you. Visiting campus before hand is a vital part of the college application process because you get the chance to see your future “home” for yourself instead of relying on other sources such as the Internet that might not give you all the information need.


One of our MUN delegates clearly states that visiting campus beforehand gave him a whole new view of what college campus is really like: “Visiting the campus beforehand gave me a deeper view of what a college campus really looks like and how it feels. It also gave me a closer look at the ins and outs that you might not find online.” He also said “you get to meet and personally talk to people who have applied and got in.  I had the opportunity to ask many people who have been accepted to Yale University about how they are enjoying their experience there. Visiting campus gave me a new view of what I want for my future”. Another delegate shares her view on this wonderful experience as well; “This experience was life changing, it really made me reflect on my upcoming future, and what I want to do with my life”. Visiting campus in advance, gives you a chance to explore the college you have chosen to spend all four years in, and gives you a chance to make new acquaintances.


In conclusion, Model United Nations conferences held abroad are very significant for the future of the students because of the many advantages they bring: better leadership and communication skills, deeper and more powerful view of different cultures and nationalities regardless of stereotypes, and as a final point, MUN international conferences give the student the opportunity to visit their future college campus.


MAS Contributing Author


Isabella D’Angelo

Sophomore Class President

College board