MAS STEM Club Full Steam Ahead!

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This week, the MAS STEM club held its first official meeting. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is an educational field catered specifically to students who have technical, scientific minds. At MAS, this club prepares our students to be future scientists, engineers, and doctors. The STEM club has been separated into 3 divisions based on interest and specialization: Scientific Outreach, Robotics, and the 3D-Printing (Research and Development). All three divisions include many challenging, entertaining, and educational experiences throughout the school year.

The Scientific Outreach division of the club will focus their efforts on educating their community about a multitude of scientific topics. They will be educating the students at MAS and the outside community about environmental issues through major events, like Earth Day, and activities, like litter clean-up projects. They will also be finding new and innovative ways to save water, electricity, etc. at the school and at home.

The Robotics division helps students improve their engineering knowledge. Students will design and program a fully functional robot to compete internationally. They will be representing our country and our school at this event, and will have the ability to learn from top engineers from around the world.

The third and the newest division of the STEM club is 3-Dimensional Printing. Students in this division will be learning about 3D printing and how the printer functions. They will also be making medical equipment to assemble and distribute to countries devastated by tragedy and war, and making their own fully customizable quadcopter to compete in an international competition for "flying machines".

This year’s STEM club members will make up a highly productive and influential part of our community. They are the essence of global thinkers, and we wish them the best of luck as they prepare for this year’s activities.


Bishar Ibrahim

MAS Contributing Author

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