MAS Students Developing Rural Communities Through Habitat for Humanity

Modern American School

On May, 9th, the Modern American School students addressed some concerning issues in Jordan: homelessness and poverty. MAS students volunteered to participate in Habitat for Humanity, a global non-profit housing organization that works both to eliminate housing poverty around the world and to make adequate housing a matter of conscience and action. The Modern American School is an active member in this global organization. Students joined together for a charitable trip to Ajloun, where they helped build a house for a poor family.

Early in the morning, students gathered in front of the school prepared to work, and after a pleasant trip through the pristine, dry mountains, they finally arrived in Ajloun. After a quick orientation, students donned the appropriate safety gear and started working. Their work was motivated by their determination to help this family, and they were proud of the results.

When the work was finished, MAS students enjoyed typical Jordanian hospitality by gathering around delicious trays of mansef. They returned home with a smile on their faces; it was a day to remember. We hope there will be many more of these charitable ventures, for nothing compares to the feeling of being helpful and selfless. After all, MAS students believe in being agents for change and responsible global citizens.


Adrian G. Matei – Grade 11

MAS Times Contributing Author

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