MAS Students Participating in the Amman International Charity Marathon

Modern American School

MAS students who participated in the Amman International Marathon embodied the three values of the ACT program: Action, Creativity and Togetherness. What a huge marathon it was! MAS students enthusiastically woke up very early in the morning to participate in the 10km “Fun Run” marathon on October 9, 2015. We enjoyed every happy moment while running, attempting to achieve all the goals of the marathon, whether promoting healthy lifestyles and athleticism or adopting healthy and beneficial choices. This marathon deepened our passion for volunteering and charity work.   This event was a major success as our students really enjoyed it and learned invaluable lessons which will surely help guide them to a healthy future.

The marathon is purely a test of endurance. For some students, a marathon is a competitive event, whereas it was a means of socialization for others. MAS students wanted to know how they would compete against the other equally fit athletes who were standing next to them. Regardless of students’ motives for running, what united the runners was a strong sense of positive community action.  

The race organizers offered accommodations for safety and refreshments; water stations and medical booths were scattered throughout the marathon. The MAS supervisors ensured that every participant was familiar with the layout of the course and provided transportation to and from the event. 

The race itself was a blast. When the race started, the energy and enthusiasm displayed by our athletes was contagious. There were spectators and live music bands scattered across the course, and they cheered as the runners went by. It was great to have support, if nothing else it took our minds off of the physical distress our bodies were in.

The final miles of the race felt like we were stuck in slow motion. Some MAS participants were exhausted, but pushed through because they knew how important it was to represent our school. Through great physical and mental stress, MAS students continued on towards the finish line.  MAS supervisors brought up the rear of the group, providing motivation and ensuring the safety of every MAS runner.     

The presence of so many family and friends cheering all the runners was touching and a great way of bringing the community together in support of the values of the MAS Community Service Program.  We hope to continue this MAS tradition next year.


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