Middle School Fall Festival Celebrations Usher in the New Season

Modern American School

On the 29th of October, the Student Council hosted the Fall Festival, marking the coming of the fall season. The event was packed with students and teachers, and the festive atmosphere permeated the HS lobby. Students had a lot of fun; the music was lively and students had candy and mini games. The whole MS family united over pizza and soft drinks for dinner. At the end of the festival, students wearing costumes were involved in a competition to decide the best costumes. The two winners were a vampire and a rose bush, but it was hard to pick a winner from all the amazing costumes. The festival was very special in terms of student-made decorations and fun-filled activities.  I think the party was amazing, and it was a huge success. Everything was prepared by students, and as a Middle School Student Council President, I felt that the school empowered us with leadership roles. The DJ played many cool songs, and everyone was danced the night away. It was a great opportunity to meet friends and socialize with each other. Over a hundred students all expressed their satisfaction with the dance. The party lasted for three hours, yet time seemed to fly by because of all the fun we were having.  Every participant went home with a prize. It was truly an unforgettable event.


Haseeb Haddadeen

​Middle School Student Council President


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