The One and Only MAS : First Impressions

Modern American School

“I was really impressed; the first day at MAS surpassed all my expectations.”


Before the first day of school at MAS, I was anxious about how the school would be, what sort of students and teachers I would meet and what kind of atmosphere. This was my first time changing schools. Before now, I have been in the same school since KG2, so it was a new feeling altogether.


On my first day, upon driving down the road to the gate, I was warmly greeted by an amazing parade that instantly annihilated all my feeling of anxiousness. Feeling of anxiety on the first day is inevitable, but this school’s atmosphere minimized it better than any other school in the world. I expected to see all other students equally nervous, but was surprised to find them all excited and happy. The feeling of having the whole hospitable staff by your side is a unique feeling.


As the weeks went by, I have seen nothing but smiling students and teachers alike. In the classroom, the teachers know the balance between light-hearted and serious learning, which really helps to keep a positive atmosphere and an ideal learning environment for the students. I feel that I am learning a lot from this amazing school with top-of-the-line staff. They are ready to help us when we need them, ready to educate us in the best way, and ready to prepare us for the external exams that will decide our future.


MAS’s priority is not only enhancing our knowledge, but also improving our social skills. I have developed excellent relationships with my classmates and my teachers. This makes time fly, and I wish that I could make it last longer. The school also prepares us for the competitive world that is out there. For example, we are learning to be professional with our actions and our attire.


Further, we are learning to be global citizens. We have the opportunity to go to trips to see the beauty and diversity of other cultures such as Spain, Switzerland, and Cyprus, to compete in an international Robotics competition in Austria, and to visit some of the most top ranking university campuses, such as Harvard and University of Pennsylvania in the United States. At MAS, I feel MAS is a college preparatory school.


I have been a student at MAS for a couple of weeks now, and I am more comfortable and happier than ever. I feel that my education here will help me reach my dreams and the people that I meet here will be my friends for life. I may be new to this country, city, and school, but after being welcomed into the MAS family, I truly feel like I am home. My future is in safe hands with MAS. 

Basel Hafez, 

MAS Times Contributing Author

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