Recycling Awareness Week Raises Awareness on Climate Change

Modern American School

As part of its ongoing Recycling Program, the Modern American designated Thursday, November 7, 2019, to celebrate and promote recycling and spread the word about the benefits of recycling and its practices. Earth produces endless tons of natural resources to transform into consumables. On this day, the Science Department alerted students to look at what they throw and make a commitment to recycle more, thus inviting them to reconsider what they throw and see such waste as an opportunity to make our community a better place to live in. 

Through multiple activities, students realized that recycling does not only save space in landfills, reuses important resources and saves energy, but it also prevents the harmful destruction of many animal species and helps in the fight against global warming, thus preserving our precious primary resources and securing the future of our Planet. The Recycling Day at MAS was an opportunity for the MAS community to come together, and put our Planet first. Our Students were inspired to take action and make recycling the new norm. Students crushed, squashed, sorted and transformed objects to toys and games and other useful items, so they invented their own recycled items with reused materials. 

This helps drive true behavioral change, creates the habits of adulthood, and focuses on the power of youth, education and innovation in ensuring a brighter future for our Planet.

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