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Students at MAS Celebrate International Child Day

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At Modern American School, we are proud of each student’s unique and distinct cultural identity and always pay tribute to global celebrations throughout the year. One of our flagship events is International Child Day, which takes place once a year and provides a wonderful opportunity for the MAS community to celebrate its diversity and international togetherness through various activities and academic presentations that help students understand their culture or identity, and how it is similar and different from others. This event gives MAS students the platform to share what makes them different.

International Child Day is one of the most engaging events at MAS. Students brought in a food dish representative of their heritage and also dressed in clothing that represented their culture. They also did a project- either a brochure or poster explaining one aspect of their culture – from clothing to music to sports, etc. Additionally, students had live performances that took them on exciting journeys around the globe; such journeys motivated and inspired creativity, and celebrated internationalism and diversity that are at the very heart of MAS. This type of activity celebrates inclusion and diversity in our school classroom. Everyone participated and learned from one another.

On International Child Day, MAS promotes international togetherness and awareness. MAS helps its students excel as both members of a group and as individuals;  teachers provided more opportunities for students to work in groups to fulfill tasks, give presentations, and organize games. Students traveled around the world on International Child Day. They visited each other's classrooms and learned how children around the globe lived their daily lives. Universal and cultural values were the highlights of MAS’s International Child Day celebrations.