Students Show Off Their Innovative Side at Middle School Science Fair

Modern American School

On April 28 and 29, MAS celebrated its annual Middle School Science Fair. This year, however, students would experience a scientific venture that would exceed their previous notions of the fair. Students were assigned the daunting task of finding original ideas, researching the background of these ideas and significance of their study, and answering their own self-posed scientific inquiries. For many months, students designed, implemented, and perfected their scientific endeavors.


Thusly challenged, the students triumphed! When thinking of a Middle School Science Fair, one’s mind may drift toward the classic baking soda and vinegar volcano. In fact, in a standard Fair, you can not throw a stone without it hitting one volcano… and bouncing into another one. Considering the number one 2015 MAS Science Fair rule, “No Volcanos!”, creativity abounded. Students came up with hundreds of project ideas, ranging from the effects of acid rain on different types of rocks, to alternative sources of non-chemical pesticide, to building machines from scratch. One student even cured her sick fish! There were no kits, no purchased projects, just pure science.


After completing the project work, it was time to present the fruit of their labor. Students practiced the delivery of their new scientific knowledge and insight and were ready to be judged.  The Fair was judged by a panel of five judges with scientific backgrounds. The judging criteria were: 1. Originality and creativity, 2. Significance of study, 3. Scientific method, and 4. Presentation. The hall was buzzing with life as parents and students alike learned from the talented young scientists. Students were shocked to learn that cola stains your teeth even more than coffee, and playing video games for stretches of time raises your blood pressure. Parents were intrigued to learn how to desalinify salt ocean water to help solve Jordan’s water issues. All  involved were inspired. While the winners of this competition will be announced later this month at a general assembly, all of our students should be celebrated for an amazing job well done. 


Dr. Kimberly Blahnik 

Head of Science Department


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