Week Long Event Spreading Awareness on Anti-Bullying

Modern American School

Bullying is one of the biggest challenges facing students below the age of 18 nowadays. It can have serious consequences for bullied students, including depression, lack of focus, sleeplessness, anxiety, and self-harm . Unfortunately, there is a myth that suggests it’s ‘just part of growing up’ or the approach that tells those who experience bullying to ‘just ignore it’. This is NOT the case at the Modern American School where there are firm policies and ongoing moral education awareness sessions that aim to stamp out bullying. 

MAS’ students in all divisions participated in a school wide anti-bullying campaign through diverse activities to express their commitment to peace and their rejection of violent behavior. All departments in collaboration with the Counseling Department worked collaboratively and integrated this theme in the curriculum during the month of October. The Fine Arts Department worked closely with Middle School students and prepared an educational video where students’ unity and harmony were showcased to show how they can make a big difference by standing up for each other. In this video, Middle School students encouraged their fellows to have confidence in themselves and accept their flaws, imperfections and everything else that makes them unique and different. KG, Elementary, Middle, and High School students designed cards and wrote letters to the bullies expressing their condemnation of their aggressive behavior. 

A campaign against cyber bullying was developed by students in High School to remove the power from bullies by nurturing confidence and self-esteem in those they target. This anti-cyber bullying campaign gained wide school support through high-impact photos and graphics used in posters. Bullies target many things, such as skin color, appearance, clothing, height or gender, and these characteristics featured in posters on walls around the school and on T-shirts that expressed total rejection of bullying. To maintain the momentum, High School students had effective discussions over ways to minimize this unfair and cruel phenomenon. 

Changes in attitude and behavior among students will be monitored over the coming months and students expect the campaign to be effective as their early feedback has been very positive.

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